What Makes Family Travel London Special

United Kingdom ranked six in the most visited countries for tourists according to World Tourism Organization, no wonder why London is packed with tourists and leisure travelers annually. In 2007, a number of 43.7 million tourists have travelled the UK and large proportion of visitors went to London. Families, businessmen, diplomats, etc. family travel London to seek leisure, business and good time.

London is divided into two parts, namely, the London Metropolitan Region and Greater London Administration Area. Just in case there are family travelers who don’t know the topography of London and would like to visit the place in the near future, for easy navigation of the City the information mentioned above is very helpful. This will minimize travel time and let families enjoy together when family travel London itineraries is planned intelligently.

So, what are the things to enjoy in these two major areas of London? There are lots. But first let’s see what we have in London Metropolitan Region.

The London Metropolitan Region also known as the Government Office Region housed the major government offices and most of it are historical buildings. Family tourists and travelers who enjoy medieval architecture will surely enjoy this particular area.

There are also other sites in London that is fun to enjoy especially for family travel London from other part of Europe or overseas. These are the famous Parks and Gardens perfect for Family gathering.

In the central area of London the largest Park that one may find is the Royal Parks of Hyde. This park is owned by the monarchy of England. It is the site of recreation for the Royal Crown. But since the rapid growth of urbanization changed the geography of England, some of these privately owned spaces have been opened to the public. Family tourists from overseas or domestic who plan to travel London may now access these beautiful parks.

Besides parks and gardens, Family of tourists who plan to travel London shouldn’t miss family travel London to Picadilly Circus. Just for the record, circus is a Latin word for circle in contemporary English.

Major shops in Piccadilly Circus are perfect for Families who enjoy shopping. For example Lillywhites is a department store next to the Shaftesbury fountain offer regular sale items of sporting goods. No wonder this particular spot in Picadilly Circus is famous to tourists. What else do we have in family travel London? Of course there’s more and plenty of them.

London also offers a great number of delicious cuisine. When in London centers, include the Bangladeshi restaurants found in Brick Lane and the Chinese food restaurants in nowhere else but Chinatown in your list of places to visit. If you are a Family who plan to travel London, these are the places that you may need to find.

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