London Travel Card and Underground Travel

The fastest and cheapest way to get around London is via the Tube, an Underground Railroad network that runs until midnight six days a week because hours are reduced on Sundays. With a London travel card, you can explore London without buying tickets each time you take the tube to the nearest station of your destination.

Have Card, Will Tube

The tube can take anywhere in London’s major routes. The metro system serves a large portion of Greater London and the neighboring areas – BuckinghamEssex, and Herefordshire. You can ride the tube all day to different routes with just one London travel card plus there is no need to rush during the peak hours.

As a tourist, it is best to avoid the rush, right? You do not want to be squeezed and jostled during the peak hours when people are all headed to work and school. Starting five in the morning, the tube network is up and moving and there’s no stop to the trips taking you out of London until midnight. So there is no need to rush.

But the best part about having a London travel card, which are not given to locals, is the money you save on the number of taxi rides you might have to take without the this card. Imagine, on £5.50 you have unlimited tube travel the whole day without the trouble of queuing up for a ticket. So pick up a card now and take it wherever you go just in case you need a ride on the tube to some place interesting in the suburbs or in the Circle.

The Lowdown with the Tube

To the Londoner, the tube is a way of life. For a tourist, it is a novel way of experiencing London. But you had better Mind the Gap – a warning to all mind the gap or to keep behind the yellow line of the platforms. This becomes a concern when there is overcrowding but tube workers monitor the crowds and prevent overcrowding.

The tube is a fantastic way to get around but you cannot have any view from the window, except the flash of steel, empty or busy platforms, and lights, as you would on a regular train ride. You can entertain yourself by reading a book, fiddling with your mobile phone, or watching the interesting characters also immersed in their private thoughts.

There are times too when parts of the underground network are under repair, which can be a nuisance if you rely heavily on the tube to get around. But with a London travel card, you can switch to overground trains or a bus without trouble. This make the travel card a necessity for the intrepid tourist.

More Tube Facts

The underground railway system has 11 lines and the destinations are color coded.  As long as you have your hand-held London travel card, you can get to these places, fast.

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