Beware of Lousy London Travel Deals

Some London travel deals are rip-offs. Dealing with them for your dream vacation or honeymoon can end in a nightmare. How do know you are being scammed?

Is that Cheap Offer for Real?

Beware of travel websites that are promising spectacularly cheap London travel deals. If you fall for their bogus claims be ready to say goodbye to your dream vacation and your money.

If you are going to London anytime of the year, check out the going rates for hotel accommodations published in different websites. If what you see is uniformly higher than claimed by the travel website, better look elsewhere for a travel deal, even if it means shelling out more money.

Never Go for that 70% Discount

To catch your attention, these spurious websites publish ridiculously discounts on hotel rates. To announce a $189 week stay in a hotel for a week when the going price is $259 gives a clue of their brazen advertisements.

Hotels have to make a living and offering a 70 percent discount during off or peak seasons is suicide. The least hotels offer is 10 to 15 percent and going for more is not in their books. If you do get that 70 percent discount you might end up spending more than intended or you find yourself in a derelict hotel in a shady part of town. The sweeping adverts do not come with more information such as discounted deals for extra rooms and other services. So be suspicious.

No Number to Call

Websites offering London travel deals that do not publish their contact numbers or business address should alert to a possible scam. Reputable travel support agencies have offices you can visit to verify if indeed you are dealing with the real thing.

Lousy Customer Service

If the person at the other end of the line is rude you are dealing with a rogue. Legitimate travel deals have trained people to answer customer queries. If your calls are not answered or if you are given the run-around, you have been had.

Double Check that Holiday Offer

People cannot refuse attractive London travel deals. Once you have been sweet-talked you end up paying for expensive plane tickets, hotel rooms, and supplement taxes. Beware of tantalizing holiday offers so check out the hotels online bulletins and do not willingly part with your credit information, no matter how convincing the website or the agent is.

Limited Availability

Do not fall for the limited accommodation song-and dance routine. This is to entice you to pay more than you should for a holiday or for hotel accommodations. There will be a hotel with a room somewhere, so do not fall for that line.

One Year Travel Deals

If you come across an offer for a one year travel that, four travel packages in a year for a $20,000 better run. You might be asked to pay the fee on two installments and when you pay your first installment, those London travel deals have vanished to thin air.

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