London Travel Tours Tips for Frugal Travelers

Traveling can be a lot of fun and can be a very memorable experience if your destination happens to be a place that has a brilliant history and a beautiful cityscape like the capital of the United Kingdom, London. London is a famous place for travelers to visit because of the many different places and landmarks to visit along with wonderful sceneries that photographers and travelers alike dream of witnessing.

However, one of the reasons why tourists often change their minds regarding the destination is because traveling to London can be expensive and getting around London can be another huge expense. Therefore, it is best to practice these London travel tours tips you want to go more on the frugal side, yet still enjoy your trip.

Getting around the Frugal Way

Transportation is always one of the traveler’s concerns especially if he or she doesn’t have any clue of the best transit deals and there are actually plenty available. Travelers deserve to have the smoothest trip possible and trying to figure out which is the most affordable can ruin that experience.

This is where the Oyster Card can come in handy because it comes with a generous 3 £ deposit that can be charged with any sum of money required with the excess being refunded.

The best thing about this card is that it does all the calculations for you in determining the best transit deal that fits your budget and ensures satisfaction. It even caps out at day pass rates so you can catch those red double decker buses to explore vast neighborhoods and see some interesting landmarks like the Marble Arch. You can get this Oyster Card in any of the underground stops such as the one in Heathrow to solve your traveling problems.

Witness the Free Stuff

Tourists that want to check out the royal side of London may end up being disappointed if the money doesn’t really make the cut. Fortunately, you can still take a pretty close look for free if you head out early in the morning where the guards stationed at the Buckingham Palace gates change in a daily ceremony.

Take note that you should witness the event before 10:30 because other tourists take advantage of the free opportunity to see how it is like. It only involves the changing of the Bearskins, but it is a priceless sight to see.

If ever the weather isn’t so good for your London travel tours plans, a good idea would be to visit the The National Gallery, which is found within the Trafalgar Square. Art appreciators and ordinary tourists will love the breathtaking display of over 2,300 paintings brought by the talents of the Western European world. This can be experienced free as well and donations are encouraged.

Using these London travel tours tips can save you a lot so you can spend more on souvenirs and other items that you can take back home. Shopping in charity shops can help you save even more money so you can enjoy the remaining days of your trip.

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