London Travel Tips – Saving Money on Transport on Your Holiday

Are you planning a trip to London? If so, you’ll want to spend some time moving around the city, seeing all the great sights in the area. However, getting around London can be quite expensive. Not only is London an expensive city in general, but the cost of transportation is pretty steep. Here are a few great London travel tips that can help you save money on transport while you are on your holiday in this beautiful city.

One of the most important London travel tips that can save you money on your transport is to purchase a Travelcard. These cards can definitely come in handy when you are spending a few days within the city. These cards can be used on the light rail, trains, busses, the Tube, and you can purchase them for a day or three days. Since one ride on the bus can get expensive, you can really save by purchasing one of these Travelcards if you plan on traveling around the city very much.

If you are going to purchase a Travelcard, it is a good idea to make sure you get them for the right zone. Usually the tourist attractions you’ll want to see, such as London EyeBuckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey, are going to be located within Zone 1 or Zone 2. Consider just purchasing in these zones to cut back on your travel costs, which can really help you to save.

Another option for saving money on your transport while you are in London is to travel during times that are considered to be off-peak. Usually these times include any time on Sunday and Saturday, and after the morning rush on week days. The prices for tickets are cheaper during these times and you will manage to miss out on the rush hour as well.

You may also want to see if your hotel will provide some transportation. There are some hotels that do provide transportation to common tourist attractions or to the airport for their guests. If your hotel provides this type of a service, you can save quite a bit in transport costs, so check to see if they provide this option.

Traveling around London can definitely be costly when you are on your holiday.  With your savings you can purchase a few more souvenirs, enjoy a nice meal, or use it to visit a few more tourist attractions.

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