Must-See Sights When You Travel in London

Travel in London, and you will find some of the most culturally-enriching sights you will ever see. Centuries of history are embedded in the structures in and around London, all of which are highly symbolic of Britain’s unique relationship with the world.

From medieval times, to the renaissance, to the Victorian era to the modern face of London, it is definitely worth spending some time and effort getting to intimately know the city.

Tourists, however, may find themselves simply overwhelmed by the size and diversity of London. If ever you ever have to travel in London, make sure to prioritize these must-see sights in order for you to truly experience the history that London has to offer:

Big Ben

This iconic clock tower, located in the north-eastern area of the Palace of Westminster is the largest four-faced chiming clock in the world. The name Big Ben is actually given to the great bell located inside the tower, and the ringing has become part and parcel of a Londoner’s daily life.

Buckingham Palace

If you have to travel in London, then you definitely have to see Buckingham Palace, where Britain’s monarchy takes their residence in. The impressive greenery and striking fasade of the palace indeed inspires a regal atmosphere in and around the palace, which is a historical icon in its own right. Take a walk around and take the opportunity to see for yourself what the palace has to offer.

The Tower of London

If, however, you want to visit a World Heritage Sight that is almost a millennia old, then you definitely need to see the Tower of London. It holds the Crown Jewels, is over 900 years old, and has survived through pretty much the entire history of Britain. If you are lucky, you may even spot a ghost or two while touring the building.

St. Pauls Cathedral

This magnificent cathedral, with smaller spires accentuating its prominent dome, is yet another cultural landmark of London. It had existed before the 17th century, and has gone through many forms before reaching its current shape today. The cathedral has taken at least four other forms before becoming what it is today, with many other shapes if every single reconstruction was considered a new Cathedral altogether.


A more modern cultural touch can be found in Wimbledon. This busy suburb becomes a hectic hive of tennis enthusiasts when tennis season comes around, which is where Wimbledon’s global fame originally comes from. Over a hundred years of tennis craze have etched itself into Wimbledon’s own history, making it one of the sports enthusiast’s priorities should he choose to travel in London.

Covent Garden Market

If you are a shopper at heart, then do take the opportunity to visit the Covent Garden Market. The district itself had been in business for almost 300 years, which is even older than some of the other landmarks of Britain. The mix of old and new produces an intriguing array of colors and products, which definitely makes Covent Garden a pretty unique place to shop around in.

If you choose to travel in London, don’t forget to visit these sights in order to fully experience what London has to offer.

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