How to Dress while losing weight?

Have you lost weight without anyone noticing? Feeling dumpy in your former favorites?

Commonly our shoppers wonder what to wear while losing weight and changing sizes. Purchasing an entire new wardrobe for each dress size is as impractical as having nothing to wear for months while changing sizes. Why not build a wardrobe that will transition with your body and continue to be useful at your goal weight? Allie Ollie has many styles that will offer chic options during your transition, many of which fit well through several sizes. Follow our guide to dressing in transition…

#1  MOTIVATE yourself through reward along the way

                You are working hard to lose that weight and nothing will keep you motivated like the compliments you will get in an outfit that fits your body. Loosen up and give yourself a couple bucks to spend on the way to your goal. So often a customer will come in proud of their weight loss, wearing their old clothes that are several sizes too large. This gives a dumpy look that does not show off your changing figure. Oversized jeans, t-shirts, bulky sweaters, etc may have helped hide the heavier you…they will however hide your progress from the world as well. Show off that weight loss! Treat yourself to a flattering tunic, palazzo pant or flyaway sweater that will both highlight the progress and still fit you at your goal weight.

#2 STRETCH allows for garments to fit through several sizes

                The quality fabrics that contain stretch abilities today abound at Allie Ollie and offer a variety of options in transitional dressing. A travel separate for example typically fits a range of 4 sizes. (eg our size XL separates fit from size 20 to 14). We do not suggest shopping for your goal weight. Buy what fits now and will still flatter later. Our stylists are experienced in the dance of transitional dressing and can pull out styles that will offer stretch and style now plus a sleek fit later.

#3 WORK IT by wearing comfortable on the go styles

                One of the best ways to maintain your new look is to keep active. While you may be thinking to wait on shopping until you can fit into tight structured styles, they often do not offer an active lifestyle. Building a wardrobe of stretchy, comfy and chic looks is our specialty. We promote looking great while feeling free and able to jet off on a trip, take walk and even chase after kids / grandkids. Build a stylish, easy fitting, wardrobe of ease at Allie Ollie.

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