Fire safety at home
A house fire can start easily and you could quickly lose your entire home and all its contents. Most people will never experience the trauma of a house fire, but those who have probably thought it would never happen to them.

The following safety tips can help you minimise the risks:

  • Make sure your home is fitted with smoke alarms and ensure the batteries are changed every year.
  • Work out escape routes, ensuring you have a couple of options in case your path is blocked by fire. Draw this up on a floor plan of your house and practise it with your kids. Smoke rises so make sure they know to stay down low as they exit the house.
  • If you smoke, definitely don’t smoke in bed, and always keep your matches/lighter out of the reach of your children.
  • Candles are a major cause of house fires. Ensure no candles are left unattended and don’t allow children to have candles lit in their bedrooms. Always ensure candles are housed in candle holders so they can’t accidently fall over.
  • Keep your clothes away from heaters and fires
  • Never try and put out a fat fire on your stove with water.
  • If you live in a bush fire prone area ensure the exterior of your house is clear of grasses.
  • External roof sprinklers can help reduce the risk of fires taking hold in your gutters and roof. If you have an evaporative air conditioning unit that is mounted on your roof, ensure the fan is turned off and the unit covered so embers blown on the wind aren’t sucked into your roof cavity.

For more fire safety tips visit FPAA

Finally, ensure your home and life insurance premiums are paid so that if the unthinkable happens your family will be financially protected. ‘Be prepared’ should be every parent’s motto!

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