Not long until the school holidays and you are desperately trying, without much success, to come up with some fun, interesting and educational activities for the family which won’t break the budget. There are an endless number of options you can consider, but if you’re struggling for ideas, here are a few suggestions.

Art Galleries/Museums
Many of the big galleries and museums (particularly those in big cities) have a number of affordable special activity days for children during the holidays. Take advantage of this by taking the family to the city by train to attend some exhibitions of interest. Then grab the opportunity to show the kids around other special places of interest for an interesting, fun-filled (and cheap) day.

Organise a Street Party
Chances are that there will be other kids the same age as your own living in your street. Why not have a chat with your neighbours and organise a holiday street fair with jumping castles, balloons and party food? Heaps of fun; and costs could be kept down by sharing this with the neighbours. However you will need to check with your local council for permission and find out about safety measures that need to be taken.

Bushwalks/Day trips
Get the kids in on the planning for this one. Show them a map and get them to select a destination that can be reached in one day. Then organise the trip to the “mystery” place where you will enjoy low budget but fun adventures such as bushwalking and swimming.

Of course, you probably don’t want to go out every day, so don’t forget about the good old fashioned ways of keeping kids occupied – board games, art and craft projects, and ball games in the back yard! Some low-key home based activities, together with a little adventure periodically should help to keep all of you sane.

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