A new puppy or kitten is a wonderful addition to your family. Having a pet requires a commitment by giving them lots of love and attention and ensuring all aspects of their health care are looked after.

Socialising your puppy
Puppies need to have lots of interactions with other dogs and people, particularly in the first four months of their life. This is a critical period and good socialisation at this time will set up good, healthy behaviour into adulthood.
It will also teach you how to train your puppy to obey simple commands and how to behave with your puppy so it grows up to understand its position in your “family pack”. Before your puppy interacts with other dogs it is also important to ensure it’s had all of its vaccinations. Your vet will be able to advise you on which ones are essential for the health and well being of your pet.

Socialising your kitten
Cats are territorial by nature but they do enjoy the company of other cats, particularly if they have been brought up together. Introducing a kitten to an older cat can be done successfully if you do the introductions slowly. Keep the cats apart for a couple of days, allowing them to see each other but not have contact. Always make sure your kitten has a safe place to escape to if things get too heated. Generally a cat’s curiosity gets the better of it and most of the time they eventually learn to get along.

Taking out pet insurance
Having a pet invariably means vet bills and these can be expensive. Taking out pet insurance is the best way to protect yourself from those big bills plus you will have peace of mind knowing  that you will be able to provide the best assistance to your pet if they have an accident or become ill.

For more information on how to socialise your puppy or kitten look on the RSPCA website at

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