Pregnancy can be a stressful time for expectant mothers and fathers particularly as you begin to consider how and where you will birth your baby.  Nothing can ultimately prepare you for the big event. However, ensuring both you and your partner have taken the time to learn as much as you can about the birthing process will go a long way to reducing your anxiety and stress.

See your doctor
When you find out you are pregnant book in to see your family doctor so you can discuss your antenatal care options. There is a wide range of birthing and pregnancy support options in Australia and the choice you make will be dependent upon your individual health circumstances, previous birthing experiences, your level of private health cover, where you live and your own preferences for how and where you would like to birth your baby.

Public or Private?
Everyone can access the public health system and birth in a public hospital or a birthing (midwifery) centre. You may wish to birth in a private hospital under the care of an obstetrician or have a home birth with a midwife in attendance and with the support of a doctor.  If you are not happy with the type or level of care you are receiving you can always change your mind and find another health professional or birthing option that better suits you and your circumstances.  For more information on the different types of childbirth options that are available contact www.healthinsite.gov.au www.bubhub.com.au

Financial Review
Of course starting a family is a big responsibility and it brings the need for a review of your financial security into sharp focus. Children are expensive to raise so making sure your life insurance and income protection insurance are up to date can bring you peace of mind.

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