Ideas for the Easter Break

Easter is a fantastic time to leave your work behind and enjoy a little mini break. If you want to get away from it all but you don’t have a lot of spare cash start thinking about what you’d like to do now and be flexible.

Low cost travel options
Booking popular destinations well ahead of time will allow you to take advantage of special offers but last minute deals can also be really inexpensive as long as you’re willing go at a moment’s notice.
If you want to cut your accommodation costs why not look on websites such as and see if you can swap your house for another in the location of your choice.
If you have children then Easter is the perfect time to head off for some family rest and recreation. If you’re thinking about a family holiday visit for a whole range of ideas to suit every family and budget.

Holidaying at home
Of course you might like to stay closer to home during the Easter break so research events happening in your local area. Contact your local council to see what events they have organised or visit your local tourist centre and become a tourist in your own town.

Getting crafty
If you’d like to have a break from chocolate this Easter then why not create some crafty fun with the kids and make your own Easter gifts? Teach the kids to dye their own eggs or make a beautiful feather bowl as an egg basket. For lots of crafty ideas see Easter is the perfect time to relax and focus on the family whether you stay at home or head off for a holiday.

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