Decoding Holiday Style…Open House to Formal

As we enter the Season of Sparkle, be prepared for any gathering or affair! Having a pulled togethor holiday wardrobe is easy at Allie Ollie. Our stylist are taking appointments for holiday make-overs. A few pieces can build a seasonal wardrobe to dazzle.

There are 4 common dress codes for holiday parties:

Open House: Private party, typically in the home of friends / co-workers / family. Go outside the box, you are more fun than a red turtleneck 😉 Try a poncho over palazzo pants, unexpected color schemes, glitzy tops, and an evening bag. Accessories finish the look so do add polish with a coordinate scarf and jewelry. Looking effortlessly fabulous is the key for open house parties and flowy clothing lends to this impression.

Cocktail Party: Can you say LBD (little black dress). The single most key piece in any evening wardrobe is the LBD. As such, they are sold everywear! Be picky…find the perfect little black dress, the one that will stand out and yet be versatile. Texture adds great interest as do quality fabrics. Sheath cuts have gained in recent popularity since Michelle Obama’s influence on fashion.

Semi-Formal: The event is one at which to impress, although not fancy enough for a gown. One of the more difficult situations to dress for as semi-formal type events vary greatly from work parties to cruises and benefit affairs. Choose stand-out rich colors that attract and avoid an over dressed look. The great thing about investing in semi-formal pieces is that they are often seperates that can mix and match for versatile use.

Formal: Pull out all the stops! BLACK TIE affair…Go for a more polished, elegant look. Select items of high quality that have something different or detailed about them. Think Luxe, velvets and satins work well for evening and the colors rich or bold.

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