Bringing home your new son or daughter is an exciting and daunting experience. Suddenly you are the one in charge and it can feel a bit overwhelming, particularly for first time mums and dads.

Post Natal Depression:
For some women the first week after the birth of their baby is a very emotional one as their hormones readjust after the birth. You may find yourself crying easily or suffering from mood swings. For most women this doesn’t last for long, however if you are finding it hard to cope once you come home and your emotions are still volatile after two weeks seek help from your doctor.

Get Support:
In your first week home with your baby it is important to have as much help and support on hand as possible. You will be tired and your focus will be on caring for your baby so having your partner take time off from their work to help with the household duties and care for your other children, if you have any, will make things much easier and much less stressful. If you don’t have a partner it is a good idea to create a roster before you have your baby and book in help from family and friends for your first few weeks at home. Having meals delivered, washing done and grocery shopping delegated to others will enable you to focus on getting to know your baby and getting some much needed rest.

Rest when your baby does:
When your baby rests so should you. Resist the urge and sleep when your baby does. It really doesn’t matter how much dust is on the shelves or that the floor hasn’t been mopped in a week!  Eat well and try and do some light exercise. Put your baby in a pram and go for a gentle walk you will feel refreshed and mentally rejuvenated.

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