Trends to “fall” in love with! 

Trends to “fall” in love with!

Not every trend should be carried into day to day life nor worn by small town girls. There are a few peices coming in this season worth noting and wearing! These pieces will update any wardrobe and pair easily with existing styles you own. Looking updated does not require buying a whole new look every 3 months or walking around like some overdressed city slicker! Comfort and modern casual are the looks to seek. Once you own basics just pair some new accessories, a top or two, and one standout, key piece that embodies the season.

Feathers…Do it!

Everything from belts to earrings to hair extensions has become all about feathers! They are fun, attractive, and whimsical. If your new to wearing feathers, try a nuetral colored feather earring. For the extra fab…pick up a colorful hair feather extension or try a cinch belt with feather details.

Belt it!

Maybe it was madmen, or perhaps the Princess. Either way, belting is very “in” and not in the sense of adding a belt in loops. The current look is to belt over clothing, creating a more hourglass figure. We carry a variety of belt styles from western bling to skinny cinch. The look is more about how you belt than the width or color of said belt.

Order it up…animal style

If you don’t know animal prints, specifically leopard, is all the rage, come out from under the rock! Animal prints can be very chic and are especially great paired with classic styles. The key here is understated. Where somewhere between 15 and 20 % animal print to achieve the chic version of this trend. Accessories are also a great way to work animal prints into your day to day wardrobe without feeling too wild.

Fall’s key piece = PONCHO

Pack in the punch with a piece that is great for day with jeans / leggings and awesome at night with a palazzo pant or even a maxi skirt. Throw it over anything to look instantly cool and put togethor. The poncho is undoubtedly the one item you must have this fall!

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