Your first thoughts will be how you will pay your mortgage, your bills and how you will afford to feed the family. You and your partner may have strong emotions and anger over the circumstances and anxiety about the prospects of finding new work quickly.

Managing your emotions
Getting through this difficult time will be easier if you make sure you take time to work through your emotions, particularly when you are both feeling anxious and upset. It may be useful to seek counselling to help you deal with your emotions, organisations like Relationships Australia ( can provide assistance and because their fees are means tested you should find that it’s affordable. Some employers may also provide counseling services to existing employees so you should consider this option as well.  Keeping mentally healthy and supporting each other during this time may mean your partner will be in a better emotional state to find new work quickly.

Getting assistance
Contact your local Centrelink office ( so you can find out when you can access unemployment benefits and other Government assistance to help you manage your finances until your partner is able to find work.

The glass is half full
There will be some good things that can come out of your partner losing their job. It could help them focus on what they want to do with their work life and make some decisions about their future direction. Updating their CV, looking at re-training options, joining a recruitment agency and taking a positive approach to finding a new job will keep everyone’s spirits up at a difficult time.

If you suffer an accident or a prolonged illness which makes it impossible for you to continue your employment and you have income protection insurance in place, it can provide you with up to 75% of your income while you recover.

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