Wardrobing Basics

It seems that all the ladies come to our boutiques wanting a new look. A hot style of the moment! The latest trend in fashion! We do offer a large variety of current pieces and wardrobe statements! There are however basic pieces that every wardrobe foundation requires in order to put stylish ensembles together. Once a wardrobe of perfect basics is built, a few accessories and cute tops is all that you’ll need to update your look each season. The Allie Ollie Basics line offers extraordinary choices such as:

By Sharon Max (Black and Brown colors recommended)

– Palazzo Pant
– Shell
– Skirt
-Shrug / Jacket
-Black Dress / Tunic

Varied Designers:
-Quality, well fitting jean(bought in last 5 years)
-Assorted Colored Camisoles
-Black / Brown Leggings
-Yoga Pants

If you find yourself often standing in front of your closet with nothing to wear, chances are you have voids in your wardrobe. Building a solid wardrobe foundation will add ease in getting dressed for daily activities and travel opportunities.  Indulge in the chic pieces that make up the Allie Ollie Basics everyday in stores and online at www.shop.allieollie.com

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