A Boutique Life 2012

As the subject of resolution comes to play so does the time to revise your life and goals. At Allie Ollie we look to build a life filled with boutique indulgence in 2012! This is not necessarily a matter of expenditure but rather lifestyle. Simple things like displaying nicely your accessories or creating a style book can upgrade you life entirely. Treating yourself in daily life to boutique touches is sure to elevate your sense of self and style for the new year!

To begin, an orderly wardrobe is necessary. If you did not wear it in 2011 and would not wear it out this week, purge! Once items you will not wear are removed, you can put togethor a wardrobe that makes looking stylish a part of each day in 2012. Then you must organize what you have. Catagorize garments into Basics, Tops, Bottoms, Evening, and Outerwear.

Basics should be most accessable and include:
Layering solids
Black Pant
Black Skirt
Denim (If you wear denim regularily)

Take a good assesment of your basics and make an investment in this area if lacking. The idea of  basics is that you work them daily and interchange unique / style statement peices to create different looks. It is common to have a closet stuffed with fun, printed peices and lack a basics foundation to build on.
See the Allie Ollie Wardrobing Basics Blog

Next, try on all tops and bottoms. Scrutinize condition, style statement, and of course fit. If it looks worn out, is unflattering or screams “dressing too young!”, you will not feel stylish in it. It is better to have a lean wardrobe of pieces you love and  feel great in than a closet stuffed with so-so blasts from the past. Once you have wittled…outfits must be made. Perhaps you have great pieces that are not worn due to not knowing what to wear them with. Set aside pieces you cannot match up with what you have.

For evening wear and outerwear, try all on and consider the last time you wore each. How did you feel in it? Where would you wear this next? If you still have it because you had a memorable time wearing it and it is not your wedding gown…Sayonara! Do not save garments for the memory, that is why you have your photos. It is unlikely that your daughter, niece or whomever will want your old clothes. Seriously, garments are not made with the quality or timeless style that your mother’s and aunt’s vintage pieces were. If you are holding onto things as heirlooms, try to pass them on now so they might actually be worn again.

Finally, you have an orderly wardrobe that will allow you to be a stylish, boutique woman for 2012! Now schedule an appointment for a wardrobing session with one of our stylist to match up ensembles for that pile you made of pieces that needed to be stylesd with coordinates.  Enjoy a chai latte or champagne during your session and enjoy the 15% discount.

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