Move Over Thelma and Louise

I love documentaries.  It is a good thing there is not a channel (at least I don’t have one) that shows documentaries 24/7 otherwise I would never get anything done.  I cannot even begin to count the number of documentaries I have watched.  The subject matter is typically irrelevant…if it is a documentary the odds are good that I will watch it.  I have dreams and aspirations of making a documentary myself…a desire I have expressed to those around me for a long time, but there are a few things holding me back. 

First, there is the subject matter; serious or light-hearted (leaning more towards the light-hearted).  While several ideas have swirled through my mind — from traveling the southeast in search of novelty attractions like the world’s biggest ball of yarn and stuff like that to visiting every beach town within an eight-hour drive of Atlanta (at the top of my list) — I have yet to come up with the perfect subject.  One thing I do have is a filmmaking partner.  My friend, Anita, eagerly jumped at the opportunity to join me on my documentary adventure.  I suggested we could be like Thelma and Louise and Anita agreed, but suggested we omit driving off a cliff once we were done.  It would probably be more like the time Oprah and Gail traveled across the country, which I found pretty amusing, and I like amusing, so, yeah, it could be more like that.  In any event, it would be a fun road trip.

In addition to the topic, there is the pesky matter of travel expenses and video equipment.  As of now, no one has stepped up to fund my project, so that is a bit of a hindrance at this point.  I could follow the lead of the guy who filmed the documentary “My Date with Drew Barrymore.”  He purchased a video camera with a 30-day return policy, shot his film and then returned the camera before the 30 days were up getting a full refund of the purchase price.   That was brilliant, in my opinion…not to mention his film turned out great and I know for a fact he now has his own video camera (or at least he did).  To circumvent the travel expenses, I suppose we could sleep in my car and dine on Ramen noodles, coffee and water; maybe a cheap motel every once in a while for the shower and all.  With a little creativity, I could work around these issues.  Oh, then there is the fact that I know nothing about using video equipment, but I don’t really consider that a problem, because I am a hands-on learner anyway.  The first film might not turn out so well, but it would be a fun way to learn what not to do the next time around.

The one thing I know is, I really want to make a documentary and someday I hope to. This big old world is full of interesting people and things all waiting to be forever captured on film by two adventure-seeking friends on a road trip.  So until I have figured out all the specifics, I will keep dreaming about the day I can hit the record button and be on my way to making my documentary dream come true!

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