Cards Anyone?

I was thinking last night about how much I love to play cards.  I am not talking about Uno or solitaire (although those are fun).  I am talking about card games like Rook, Canasta, Rummy and Spades.  When I was growing up, my parents always had friends over on Saturday night for “card night.”  My sister, cousins and I used to play poker with our granddaddy at his kitchen table using toothpicks in place of money.  Those were fun times and great memories.  My husband grew up with card playing parents as well and no doubt that is where the two of us developed our love of cards.  We used to play cards all the time, but no more.  It made me wonder why.

We have family game night occasionally and it is usually very entertaining.  You can learn a lot about your kids by playing games.  One of our family favorites is Scattergories.  In Scattergories, you roll the dice and whatever letter it lands on is the letter your answers have to begin with.  You have a list of 12 items, so if you roll an “A” then all of your answers have to start with the letter “A”.  One evening, we were playing and our letter just so happened to be “A” and one of the list items was “pizza toppings”.  While the majority of us answered anchovies, my youngest son thought outside the box and listed “ass chunks” as his pizza topping.  I don’t know where he’s been getting his pizza, but it definitely is not the same place as the rest of the family!

Family game night is fun, but it is a different kind of fun than playing cards or board games with friends.  There is something I find relaxing about engaging in a spirited game of Spades with friends while sharing conversation, laughter, snacks and beer (which could be why I find it relaxing).  Gathering in someone’s home to share conversation and fellowship is much more intimate than say a bar or restaurant.  I think it is the simplicity of card night that I find so appealing.  It is a no frills, inexpensive, come as you are kind of night.  I have never had card night where the conversation did not flow freely and laughter abound.  Oh, sure, there can be the occasional squabble over sandbagging and possible cheating, but that’s what makes it spirited.  We are not high rollers in Vegas or anything, so even though sandbagging is not cool, it is certainly not anything to get too riled up over.  I miss card night.

I don’t know if any of my friends play cards.  I haven’t taken the time to ask them.  Maybe they do, but, like me, they have not played in a while because they think nobody would be interested.  Let me go on record by saying I am interested.  I will start practicing my shuffling and dealing skills and try to recall how the games are played or we can make up the rules as we go…that’s part of the fun.  The world could use more card nights…I could use more card nights…call me!

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