Dandelion Debacle

Over the past few days, I have watched a humorous battle between man and nature take place in my own front yard…the man, my husband; the nature, dandelions.

Spring has definitely sprung and the combination of rain and warm weather has covered our lawn in a green and yellow blanket.  While a few patches of grass have come back to life, weeds are the majority of green and the yellow is the dreaded dandelion.  My husband, Mark, is a lawn care fanatic, carefully mowing, pruning and working until our lawn looks better than any other on the street.  It is his “thing” and he does it very well, so it is with a mixture of commiseration and amusement that I have watched him declare war on the dandelions.  His first plan of attack was to mow them all down, which he successfully did, leaving him feeling quite content.  It was a “show no mercy” approach as each dandelion died a gruesome death, being decapitated and flung in tiny pieces from underneath the mower blades.  It appeared the battle had ended swiftly, but had it really? 

The morning after the initial assault, we stepped outdoors to discover the intruders were back.  Mark spent the morning yanking their heads off and hurling them into the woods.  He commented how he was not just beheading them, this time he was uprooting them from the battlefield.  As he annihilated them one by one, he muttered something along the lines of “that’ll show ‘em.” Unfortunately, Mark underestimated the dandelions’ tenacity.  Within a matter of hours reinforcements arrived and the yellow soldiers were popping up all over the manicured lawn.  The minute they were spotted, Mark was running to and fro snapping them up and destroying them.  As the war raged on, I became more and more amused because it looked like a large-scale version of “Whack a Mole”, or in this case “Whack a Dandelion”, was being played…whack one, another pops up.  After another exhaustive day of battle, Mark retreated to his war room (aka his office) and later came out exclaiming he had a better understanding of his opponent.  Though he did not mention a new plan of attack I am confident he has one.  It is going to be a tough battle to win as the dandelion is a powerful adversary.

According to the research, “the dandelion has an efficient and rugged design allowing them to survive and reproduce in often inhospitable situations.” (Something the adversaries have in common…but that is a story for another day). Dandelions are devious with the ability to transform overnight from a pretty yellow flower to a fluffy white parachute able to travel great distances, thus increasing their numbers. Talk about resilient…the dandelion can reproduce even though their head and body has been torn off!  Given these facts alone, I do not see how Mark is going to win this war, however, he is determined in his desire to do so.  Maybe, just maybe, the dandelion has met its match.  As the battle continues, I am going to sit back, soak up some sun and enjoy watching the combat.  It is tough to choose sides, as I love my husband and our beautiful lawn, but I also love supporting the dandelions by sending their parachutists sailing over the battlefield.  It is a tough call.  However, in this case, I think I will choose the dandelions.

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