Two Little Tunes, A Whole Lot of Happy

I love music.  I grew up listening to country, bluegrass and gospel.  No doubt that influence gave me my affinity for country music.  What’s not to love about honest titles and lyrics (i.e., God is Great, Beer is Good and People are Crazy – come on, you know that’s true!)  However, I don’t just limit myself to country music.   I was syncing my iPod this morning and laughed as I realized my musical taste runs the gamut from George Jones to Flo Rida.  Let me tell you, some serious housecleaning can be done to Flo Rida’s “Right Round!” 

The thing I love most about music is how it can transport you through time, provide comfort and lift the spirit.  Music can make you recall love, heartbreak, happiness and sorrow.  The right song can be your companion when you feel alone, commiserate with you when you are sad, bring a smile to your face or make you dance around without a care in the world.  A great song can be powerful and moving.  God bless songwriters.  There is nothing better than discovering a song that seems as though it were written just for you.  I recently discovered two such songs.

The first tune I heard a snippet of on NPR.  It is Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”  The minute it began to play, I felt a rush of happy endorphins start to flow.  It’s short, sweet and filled with encouragement, perfect for those times when you need reassurance or just want to sway to the beat, mon.  The lyrics are catchy and rhythmic, soothing to a tired soul… “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing’s gonna be alright”. Makes me feel good just writing about it.

The second is “Calling All Friends” by Low Stars.  I had never heard of Low Stars, but they reminded me of someone I had heard before.  I did some research and found them compared to The Eagles and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  I love both of those groups and now I love Low Stars.  Having gone through some difficult times over the past few years reminded me how important friends and faith are, and that it is okay to call on them when you can’t do it by yourself.  The lyrics of this song speak to that and I found them to be the perfect fit for me…“Calling all friends and people I don’t even know.   I’m too tired to pretend, I don’t want to be alone.  I’m calling all friends.” Gotta love it!

Both of these songs just gave my spirit a big old boost of happy, so I decided to pass it on by sharing them with you (you can listen to them by clicking on the titles below).  If you have a favorite happy song, I would love to know what it is.  Post a comment and share with me…I’m building my “anti-depressant” playlist (ha!).  In the meantime, if you are looking for a gift to lift someone spirits, I highly recommend one of these songs.  While you are at it, gift them to yourself.  You deserve it!

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